Zappa Plays Zappa joined by Vinnie Colaiuta and Tal Wilkenfeld

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Zappa Plays Zappa with Vinnie and TalLast summer I had the tremendous pleasure of seeing Zappa Plays Zappa play the entire One Size Fits All album followed by many many other classic FZ tunes. It was truly an amazing evening of music and one I will never forget. (Thank you to the amazing Melissa for getting me tickets for my birthday)

Going back into the Zappa vaults one finds a long list of master musicians. One such is Vinnie Colaiuta.

Now Vinnie happens to be about my all time favorite drummer. The man can play every style of music well, his services have been in demand for many years and his vocabulary on the drum kit always seems to fit the part.

I found this video of both Vinne Colaiuta and Tal Wilkenfeld joining Zappa Plays Zappa to play A Pound for A Brown On A Bus.

These are fine musicians. Tal Wilkenfeld is a supremely talented and tasteful bass player. Dweezil Zappa should be mentioned among the great guitarists of the day as he had to completely re-learn his technique to pull off all the marimba and xylophone parts in the Zappa repertoire that ZPZ plays, and prior to that Dweezil was still as top notch a guitar player as you can find. Sheila Gonzalez, she can sing, she can play many instruments…. after getting the ZPZ DVD some years back I was instantly impressed by her performance and seeing her live earlier this summer, I got to see just how gifted she is. And of course, Vinnie. Master Vinnie.

All 4 of these people are incredible on their own, but what makes all these musicians great is their ability to play the part that needs to be played, listen to others and bring it when they are called upon to turn it up a notch for a solo.

Great performance.