R.I.P. Lemmy

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Lemmy Kilmister
Photo by: Mark Marek Photography

I couldn’t believe it last night when I first saw it and it’s hard to believe it now.

Lemmy has passed away. And with him, so has Motorhead.
(Yes, Lemmy was the heart of Motorhead)

When I was younger there were a few Motorhead tunes that caught me… but in later years Motorhead became one of my absolutely favorite bands. Just a dirty rock’n’roll band.

The music accompanied me to the gym on many occasions, accompanied me in the car…. it was actually a Motorhead DVD which was the first concert DVD my daughter heard as a toddler.

The rawness, the energy, the growl and the honesty of the music Mr Kilmister and friends wrote will continue to accompany me. I assume, in fact I know, that Motorhead’s music, Lemmy’s music, will also continue to accompany many of you throughout your daily lives.

I just spent Christmas day having proposed to my fiance, wearing a Motorhead shirt. Little did I know Motorhead would be done.

I send my thoughts and prayers to Mr Kilmister’s family and friends, to Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell.

R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister.