Dweezil Zappa – Via Zammata’

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Dweezil Zappa - Via Zammata'I’d been waiting to hear this album from the moment I heard of it. You see last summer I had the immense pleasure (and privilege) to attend the Zappa Plays Zappa show in Moncton at the Capitol Theater. From the moment the band started playing the first notes of the “One size fits all” album I was mezmarized…. I swear I almost had tears in my eyes…. I’d waited so long to see that project and hear Zappa’s music played live with such authenticity.

Via Zammata’, heard about it and couldn’t wait to hear it.

Now I’m going to come right out and say it before I mention anything else…. I think this album is a musical masterpiece. There are so many catchy riffs and melodies and tons of sounds. This is a really great album. There’s a chance that you may not like it if you listen to all the latest pop music…. but you know, you should give something different a listen. And this is the kind of album that requires listening.

About some of the tunes!

Funky 15 starts with a “Frank Zappa” kind of melody and has it’s twists and turns in the odd time signature. I particularly enjoyed the guitar solo (and tone) section when the tune slows down.

Rat Race is a great tune built around a very danceable shuffle feel on drums. Catchy vocal lines and guitar parts.

Dragon Master is a totally cool tune. This is the only song on the album that Dweezil and Frank wrote together at some point in the 80s. I can totally hear Ronnie James Dio singing this tune and I’m not sure if he was the “inspiration” that they were writing the idea around, but it fits quite well.

Malkovich is a different tune, lot’s of philosophical talking.. spacey… but when it gets to the chorus, brilliant. It actually gets quite catchy and you’ll find yourself singing along.

On Fire‘s got some nice melodies, in Nothing the guitar solo section really reminds me of some 70s Zappa with the type of grooves the band is vamping on while Dweezil plays that guitar. The guitar tone is also quite reminiscent of that period in Frank’s early / mid 70s albums.

Truth is a beautiful melodic piece. Really sweet. I love it.

I’m not going to name all the songs, but I am going to say that if you are a fan of music/melody and creativity this might interest you.

I regard this album as one of my favourite releases of 2015.

Ryan Brown is on drums and he does a tremendous job, just as he did live with Zappa Plays Zappa last summer.

Dweezil is an incredible guitar player and has really come to be a great composer. If you’re a fan and Mr Frank Zappa’s music you’ll surely hear the lineage, the influence, the skill and the twists and turns that so much of his music has. But Via Zammata’ isn’t like the craziest Zappa album that you’ve ever heard, however you will hear undeniable musical links and references to the senior’s musical legacy.

I give this album a 9/10
Dweezil Zappa – Via Zammata’
9 Stars (9 / 10)