Ghost B.C. – Meliora

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Ghost B.C. – Meliora

To any of you out there who are huge Ghost fans I almost feel like I should apologise.

You see I’d heard of them as I hear of and see many albums promoted or talked about online. This band, and this particular album, was suggested to me by (brother) Aron while on commute to see Iron Maiden in Montreal last April.

I remember telling him that I listened to the album a bit and it was neat.

As I sit here listening to it right now, I’ve got to say it’s much better than “neat”. The album’s production is solid. Really clean, well produced… has a really tight sound and the voice is really well blended in.

I’m a big fan of music, many different styles and though I something like fairly complex arrangements and/or really heavy stuff…. I’ve come to really love melody. I love space, time and melodic ideas/themes.

This album is very well composed in my opinion. The arrangements have certain twists that make so that the tunes aren’t necessarily straight forward. There’s a heaviness to the album quite obviously and you don’t have the scream/growl that’s often prevalent in today’s “metal”. This is singing…. there are some nice guitar riffs and a bunch of really great melodic hooks.

“From The Pinnacle To The Pit” is a great tune… I love “Cirice”…. Great arrangement!

Majesty is also a great tune, I love how they get to the chorus, it’s not rushed into and they’ve got just enough space to build a little anticipation. Anticipation for me anyway, because I do love this chorus.

I also really like their use of “piano” sounds. There are keys in there too, but the actual piano sounds  add a very tasty flavour.

So there you have it. A few words on this great album.

And I’m sorry for not really listening to it to much at first… I’ll try to make it up now!

(8 / 10)