AronScott_Earthquake_smAron Scott – Earthquake

Very happy to have been part of this recording project and now part of the band. This album was release in August 2015.

I played my Gretsch Catalina maple kit on this album with (mostly) Sabian cymbals.

Recording the album was a bit of a trip. We had a dozen songs to record, all bed tracks had a window of studio time consisting of “friday evening to sunday evening”. A weekend adventure.

But the fun part was that on several of these songs, we (me and Stephane who played bass) only had the basic shell of the tune to work with.

This really made me think a lot more about how I should play in reference to 1 guitar track and 1 bass track. Not knowing where vocal lines were going to fall into place, how the solo was going to start, evolve… sound like.. it certainly got us thinking much more about locking into these chord progressions that form the basic grooves on the recording.

It was a blast to record and the live band we have put together has also come together.

You can find the “Aron Scott – Earthquake” online here.
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