Motorhead – Clean Your Clock

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Motorhead-clean-your-ClockRIP Lemmy

As I listen through this album I realize just how much I’d grown to love Motörhead through the years. The last 10 years, Motörhead had definitely become one of my very favorite bands. For a time in my younger years, even though I grew up a metalhead, I had never been attached to them. Then my musical tastes turned me heavy into prog/jazz..etc.

But the last 10 years Motörhead really became a favorite. The music accompanied through good times and bad. Something about the rawness, the dirty rock’n’roll…. the heavy grit or the bass,guitar, the voice!

And of course, there are many Motörhead tunes that frequent my “gym workout” playlist. It is simply a perfect fit for pumping iron.

“Everything has to come to an end, sometime.” ― L. Frank Baum

Deep down this truth is something that we all know and we all try to forget and ignore.

When it comes to people I’ve looked up, family members, musicians that I frequently listen to, it’s hard to imagine that “everything” does come to some sort of end. I’ll not get too philosophical here, but let’s just say that Lemmy’s passing surprised me, while at the same time I knew, like everyone else, that he was getting older and that he lived a fairly hard lifestyle.

Somehow I couldn’t imagine that Motörhead would ever some to an end, especially after Bad Magic was released…. a great album!! Well, sure, intellectually, I did know it would come to end someday but life, human emotion and our ability to imagine and deny/forget facts make such things “unimaginable”. So it is with many situations and circumstances in life.

To be aware of an end of sorts helps one to be humble, and to be wise.

As life goes on and things change, it makes me think about my life and the people I care about. The things I love to do and how things can change in the blink of an eye.

When a man who impacts many can leave us in a moment.

For those fans out there, enjoy the album… enjoy all the albums. (I surely will)

And be good to those whom you care about, life can change in a flash.

Now…. let’s enjoy some Motörhead! RIP Lemmy!