Some of my favorite music of 2016

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For me, 2016 had some really great releases!

I thought I’d write a few of them down here for fun. This isn’t really a review or an ordered list… but it just lists (in no order) some of my favorite albums in the last year.

Anthrax – For All Kings
anthrax-for-all-kingsThis one was released early in the year… February 26th. For me, it was a highly anticipated album, especially after I heard the early release for Evil Twin!

I thought “Wow, this is gonna be a really great Anthrax album!”…. and it sure is!

This one brings me back to when I first discovered them many moons ago.

The vocals, the drums, the guitar riffs…. this is a great album!!

(I wrote about this earlier in the year…)






Devin Townsend Project – Transcendence



Since re-discovering Devin Townsend and this band he quickly became my favorite composer. The melodies and arrangements are incredible.

I can find myself singing these melodies in my head as I go about my day at work… driving in the car…. eating supper… it’s an incredible album which has gotten great reviews (deservedly so!).

The band took more of a role in writing this one along with Mr Townsend and I’ll say that whatever chance they took in this new approach, the results are fantastic.

RVP’s drumming is second to none, it’s creative and it fits like a glove.

This music is on fire.



Motörhead – Clean Your Clock



Just a little over a year ago Lemmy passed away and as I mentioned before the last several years Motörhead had become one of my all time favorites.

Like the “AC/DC” of metal…. because you always knew what you were gonna get. And it was just what you wanted… if you’re a fan.

It’s got some of my favorite Motörhead tunes on it…. Stay Clean, Bomber, Metropolis, No Class, Ace of Spades… I love the album.

Having Mikkey Dee’s job would have been incredibly fun!!

Also, Clean Your Clock was Motörhead’s 13th live album!!!




Opeth – Sorceress


Admittedly, I hadn’t really been much into Opeth for several years. They had been an album way back that I couldn’t get enough of….

I believe it was Deliverance….

While this one isn’t near as heavy, it still does have some bite. But what impresses me the most is the arrangements. It’s been said they were heavily influenced by the progressive rock of the 70s and I can certainly hear it.

There are a few songs that stick out for me… The Wilde Flowers is a pretty neat tune.

But my favorite tune on this album is Will O The Wisp…. I know that if you’re totally into just the heavy side of Opeth, maybe this one’s hard to swallow…. but the arrangement and melodies are simply beautiful! For anyone wondering, Will O The Wisp isn’t a heavy tune… and you should seriously check it out. I’ve found myself humming this one a lot… Not just the vocal lines… but the beauty of a guitar solo.

A Fleeting Glance is also a pretty neat tune…

Just give the album a listen already….


Oz Noy – Who Gives A Funk


Though most of the albums I’ve listed here are mostly “metal” bands…. this is definitely on my favorites list.

I listen to a fair bit of jazz, fusion, latin…. instrumental stuff.

Oz Noy is one of my favorite guitar players, he’s got a style, his own voice… sometimes a little out there…. but it’s pretty tasty stuff!!

The opening track, Come On, grooves so hard you’ll fall through the floor. Seriously.. tight pocket groove.

You’d have to guess that with the word “funk” in it’s title, this album’s gotta groove. Well, it does… it’s a pure joy to listen to. Flashback, the second tune is also another solid groove, but it has some really neat changes that give the impression of a stutter.

This one’s full of guests also… Ice Man features Robben Ford…. Damn This Groove, which is a favorite of mine from a previously Oz Noy album, features the one and only Dweezil Zappa!!

There’s also a version of Little Wing that features Mr Corey Glover, from Living Colour… who happens to be one of my all time favorite voices!

This is a great album!!

Dream Theater – The Astonishing



This album would be an incredibly complex piece of music to write, to learn to play….  let alone play from front to back.

But these guys went out to tour the world playing this piece of music front to back.

It has an interesting story line and the music will bring to to many many places!

That’s all I’m gonna say.

This is another one that you should listen too, my words will never describe it’s majesty!






Metallica — Hardwired…To Self-Destruct

metalica-hard-wired-to-self-destructI was really curious about this one having grown up a huge Metallica fan. I was one of those who became a bit disappointed after the black album.

Back when Death Magnetic came out I really didn’t mind the album. I liked it… never fell in love with it… but I liked it.

It felt more like a “Metallica album”.. likely a term that the boys didn’t like as they tried to re-invent themselves… but their classic sounds were so good… you know what I’m sayin’….

Anyways, this new album… Hardwired…To Self-Destruct… it’s a good one!

I love “Hardwired”, “Atlas, Rise!”… “Now that we’re dead” has that tom groove that I just wasn’t sure about at first listen… but it’s really grown on me. Great tune… great job Lars!

This one’s a regular!!