Album Review – Accept – The Rise of Chaos

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Accept-rise-of-chaosWay back, I remember thinking that a couple of Accept albums were really cool. The Metal Heart album really got my attention… and I also remember hearing a live clip of the title track back then…

Even thought I’ve always remembered some of their classics Accept fell way back into my memory.

The last few years I noticed their albums with the new (not “new” anymore) vocalist Mark Tornillo. Blood of the Nations, Stalingrad and Blind Rage…. I like them, these releases certainly caught my attention.

Well, The Rise Of Chaos was released on August 4th, 2017. The first listen… I liked it… the second… I really liked it… third listen… ok, I think you can see the pattern here.

I love this album. Mark Tornillo’s vocals are great. I would say he’s like a grittier version of Brian Johnson. And Mr Tornillo has quite a vocal range.

The guitars sound great, the drums sound great…. it’s a really well balanced mix with lots of crunchy guitars and kickin’ drums (great performance by Christopher Williams).

Tracks I love….

Die by the Sword (great vocal performance!), Hole in the Head, The Rise of Chaos….

Koolaid is a great tune which is about the Jonestown massacre. History can teach us a lot, and it’s important to remember! So this, in my opinion, is great on several levels.

No Regrets… Analogue Man….

Ok, I’ll end up naming every song here.

This is a great rockin’ album. For any rock/metal fan, I would really suggest giving this album a few listens.

Glad to see Wolf Hoffmann and co. release these great new albums.

  • Michel Cormier

    Looking forward to spending time with this album, like you I was an Accept fan, always loved their sound, powerful, melodic and unique. Balls to the wall and metal heart were the two recordings that I listened to the most and still find myself giving Balls to The Wall a couple run throughs every year 🙂 never gets old, it’s one of those albums that gets me singing, so I usually listen alone.
    Heard Teuntonic Terror last year and first thought was .. . WOW !!!
    You’ve confirmed it… It time to give this band the love and time it deserves.
    Thanks for the review.

    Side note: have you heard Aron Scott Earthquake, I hear they’re releasing something new this year 🙂

    • I’ve heard of Aron Scott Earthquake! 😉

      I think you’ll like both albums!