New video! Aron Scott Earthquake – Sunshine and Rock n Roll

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Yesterday, January 1st 2018 at 12pm Atlantic, we (Aron Scott Earthquake) released a new video for a song off our debut album called Sunshine and Rock n Roll!

This song is about 2 things… Rock n Roll and Hawaii! Now who doesn’t love Hawaii!! And Rock n Roll for that matter!!

It was filmed in 2 locations, parts of the video were filmed in Hawaii while other parts were filmed locally in a grayish basement… while it was snowing outside. Yes.. we were aiming for that contrast.

It was mostly directed and edited by the band while most of the final cuts and tinkering were done by “yours truly”. Certainly was a fun project, I can honestly say that I enjoy doing video work. And seeing how we are in the studio starting next week to put together “album #2” we will have many new videos coming out in the near future!

Being involved in “indie” projects is certainly a labor of love! And we do love it!